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Florida Man Wakes Neighbors By Screaming, Pretending To Be A Firework

4th of July Fireworks - GettyImages-514412141

Photo: Getty Image

A Florida man fed up and protesting pyrotechnics was caught on camera impersonating a firework around 3 AM.

The unidentified man was angry about his neighbors setting off firecrackers around his apartment complex and decided to make his voice heard.

“Firecracker, firecracker, boom,” yelled the man. "Bottle rocket!"

Luckily for us, a nearby security camera captured the entire incident.

A concerned neighbor called 911, saying, "The dogs were barking, and we go outside, and this guy was screaming, I mean so loud. He seemed to be upset that people were celebrating early.”

"Pretending to be a firework is also going to run afoul of our noise ordinance," said a police spokesman.

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