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Scary Moment Two People Fall From Swing On The Edge Of 6,300-Foot Cliff

Amazing panoramic view on huge Sulak Canyon in spring. Traveling in Dagestan Republic, Russia

Photo: iStockphoto

A scary video showing the moment two people fell off a swing on the edge of a 6,300-foot cliff is going viral.

In the video, two girls are swinging in the chair above the Sulak Canyon in Dagestan, Russia.

Suddenly, the cable snaps and the momentum sends the girls forward, over the edge of the cliff. In the background, onlookers can be heard screaming in pure terror as the girls disappear from sight.

Luckily, the pair landed on a narrow platform under the edge of the cliff and only sustained cuts and bruises.

"It is chilling to imagine what could have happened if they slipped when the swings were at a maximum height."

Police are investigating, but it's likely the swings will be removed, according to reports.

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