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10 Mysterious UFOs Spotted Near The International Space Station

Space Shuttle Endeavour Makes Last Trip To ISS Under Command Of Astronaut Mark Kelly

Photo: Getty Images North America

Since recreational space travel isn't affordable for most people, most UFO sighting reports happen from the ground.

That being said, there are more live streaming cameras in outer space than ever before, making it easy for people to get an active view of the cosmos.

Individuals from all around the world watch these streams for various reasons. One such reason is for the sake of UFO hunting.

One hunter, known as Jeff, was watching a live feed from NASA's International Space Station (ISS) when he spotted ten unidentified flying objects hovering just above Earth.

Jeff took a screenshot of the live feed, which he passed along to a YouTuber known as Michael, who posted a video highlighting the UFOs.

According to the video, the screenshot was taken on July 3 at 8:30 AM. At the time, the International Space Station was orbiting over the South Atlantic.

Many viewers are sharing their own theories of what the 10 UFOs could be. Some have speculated that the objects could be aliens.

The more skeptical viewers believe it could be space junk or simply specks on the camera lens.

NASA hasn't released any comments about the screenshot.

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