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Flying Motorcycle That Can Travel 300 MPH Completes First Flight Test

High Angle View Of Motorcycle Wheel Moving On Street

Photo: EyeEm

The makers of the 'flying motorcycle' have completed flight testing their first prototype and are ready to take preorders.

According to reports, Jetpack Aviation tested its VTOL Speeder in Southern California, and it can reach an altitude of up to 15,000 feet. The automated Speeder is also capable of hitting speeds of 300 MPH. However, a manned version would travel much slower so the pilot could safely see and breathe.

The VTOL Speeder has vertical takeoff and landing ability, making it well-suited for medical teams and fire and rescue operations.

The jet turbine-powered flying motorcycle runs on diesel or kerosene and doesn't need charging before taking off.

It will carry heavier loads than a jetpack and support up to two passengers.

The cost of the Speeder was initially $380,000, but that's likely to increase, according to Jetpack Aviation CEO David Mayman.

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