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Taco Bell Latest Fast-Food Chain To Face Supply Shortages

Taco Bell Where Jose Padilla Worked

Photo: Getty Images North America

You might want to sit down for this...

According to reports, Taco Bell appears to be the latest fast-food restaurant to get hit by nationwide supply shortages.

The company's website is warning customers that it could be out of certain menu items “Due to transportation delays."

It's unknown which specific ingredients are involved in the shortage or how widespread the issue is.

“Taco Bell employee told me there was a ‘national shortage of everything right now,’ and I have decided to get my economic news exclusively from drive-thru employees from now on,” one person posted on Twitter Monday.

Another user said that her Taco Bell was out of chicken and beef, adding “I just ate black beans in a hard shell. was not worth it.”

While everything continues getting back to normal, clearly things aren't totally normal yet.

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