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This Woman Has The Largest Mouth In The World, According To Guinness

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Meet Samantha Ramsdell from Connecticut. According to the Guinness World Records, she holds the record for the world's largest mouth gape for a female.

Her mouth gape measures about two and a half inches. When measured across, it reaches about four inches.

Ramsdell says she always knew she had a big mouth. However, it wasn't until users on TikTok pointed out she may have a record-sized mouth that she was encouraged to go for the record.

"I never thought it would be possible to be this famous off my mouth," she said.

Ramsdell takes to social media to share videos of her eating large amounts of food, all at once. In one video, Ramsdell stuffs three donuts in her mouth while another shows her fitting in a large order of fries.

According to Ramsdell, she was bullied growing up due to her mouth size but now fully embraces her unique feature.

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