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Orangutan Rocks Sunglasses Dropped By Visitor Into Zoo Enclosure

Orangutan Wearing Sunglasses

Photo: Canva Pro

An orangutan has become quite the fashion icon after a woman dropped her sunglasses into the animal' enclosure at the Taman Safari Cisaura in West Java, Indonesia.

After dropping her sunglasses into the enclosure, Lolita Testu pulled out her cell phone and started recording.

In the video, the orangutan picks up the glasses, opens them with her mouth, and places them on her face.

At first, Testu was worried the ape would eat her shades. However, the female orangutan was seen putting on the sunglasses and rocking the new look.

Onlookers laughed and snapped pictures for about 15 minutes before zookeepers exchanged the sunglasses for a leafy treat.

Sadly, the sunglasses were broken.

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