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Angry Guy Breaks Off His Own Side Mirror During Road Rage Meltdown

Young man yelling through the car window as he drives

Photo: iStockphoto

Let's be honest... Road rage is never worth it. Nine out of ten times, you're better off just cursing under your breath and moving on with your day.

Generally speaking, when you road rage, you put yourself in a situation to dish out damage or to have damage dished out on you.

A video shared on Twitter captured a particularly hilarious instance of road rage after one pickup truck driver found out the hard way that you can end up hurting yourself in the process.

In the short video, a driver is filming while cruising down the highway. A man driving a pickup truck soon comes into view, and he attempts to throw a water bottle at the cameraman's vehicle.

However, the toss didn't go as planned. The water bottle collides with the truck's side mirror, breaking it completely.

The driver plays it cool and fixes the now broken mirror as the video ends.

This tough guy thought he was about to drop the mic on the guy filming. Instead, however, he just became the internet's newest laughingstock.

Behold the power of karma!

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