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Texas Dad Strips Down To Swimsuit At School Board Meeting About Masks

Texas Dad Strips Down to Swimsuit at School Board Meeting to Make a Statement About Masks

Photo: Getty Images

A Texas father exposed some skin during a recent school board meeting to make a point about wearing masks in schools.

During Monday's Dripping Springs Independent School District's board meeting, James Akers spoke on the microphone about his thoughts about the mask mandates in schools.

Standing in front of board members, parents, and children, Akers began his argument supporting mask protocols, admitting they may be inconvenient but in place for a reason.

"I'm here to show you that I do not like government or any other entity — just ask my wife — telling me what to do," Akers said. "But, sometimes I've got to push the envelope a little bit, and I've just decided that I'm going to not just talk about it, but I'm going to walk the walk."

Akers slowly began removing his clothes, piece by piece, while explaining several societal rules that people are expected to follow.

"At work, they make me wear this jacket. I hate it. They make me wear this shirt and tie. I hate it," he said.

Eventually, Akers stood, appearing to be in his underwear, surrounded by school officials. Some in attendance cheered, while others started yelling for him to be removed from the building.

According to reports, Akers was wearing a swimsuit.

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