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Man Filmed Jumping On Top Of Basking Shark, Sparks Outrage

Basking Shark

Photo: Corbis RF Stills

A video showing a young man jumping on the top of a basking shark while his friends cheer him on sparks outrage online.

The video, filmed in Cohasset, Massachusetts, shows a group of friends watching the giant shark, which is the second-largest shark in the world, as it swims near the boat.

Seconds later, one of the young men jumps into the water above the shark as his friends begin to shout.

The basking shark quickly retreats the area as the man emerges from the water, raising his arms in the air in triumph.

Oh my god," one friend says. "You got hit by its tail, dude!"

Many horrified viewers on social media criticize the stunt.

"Such a cool moment ruined by people trying to be cool...poor shark," one person wrote. "Try that with a great white next time," added another.

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