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Terrifying Mating Calls Of 1,000-Pound Male Alligators

Alligator mating call

Photo: iStockphoto

Have you ever heard the mating call of an American alligator? Well, let's just say they aren't shy about announcing their search for a mate.

Video shared on YouTube shows some large male American alligators performing their mating call, which involves grunting loudly as they search for a partner.

According to reports, the alligators were filmed at the Alligator Lagoon in the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, New South Wales.

“You’d be forgiven for thinking that maintenance workers were starting up a chorus of lawnmowers this morning at the Australian Reptile Park as loud rumbles echoed throughout the park. In reality, it’s the symphony of 20 massive male American alligators searching for love in lockdown,” stated the Australian Reptile Park.

The Australian Reptile Park recently received new male gators, which heated things up as they competed for female attention.

“Having 20 new males join our mostly female population in May … has had a huge impact on the behavior that we normally see this time of year,” said the park's reptile keeper, Jake Meney.

The sound of a male bellowing signals the start of breeding season, and we expect it as the weather warms up. But what we heard this morning was unlike anything else I’ve ever heard,” Meney said. “The new males are certainly keen to make themselves known.

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