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Homeowner Fights Off Suspects Trying To Steal His Truck

Car thief opening stolen car doors

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A surveillance camera captured the moment a Texas homeowner fought off burglary suspects who were trying to steal his truck.

According to reports, the suspects shot at two Bexar County Sheriff's deputies before the botched robbery early Thursday morning.

Deputies were investigating possible car burglaries when two men opened fire on their patrol vehicle. Sheriff Javier Salazar said the suspect fired seven rounds, hitting the patrol car twice.

"The only reason the suspect stopped firing is because he ran out of ammunition. He ran it dry to try to kill this deputy, who didn't even get a chance to return fire," said Sheriff Salazar. "It's by God's grace that we're not talking about two dead deputies this morning."

The suspects ran off, broke into a nearby home, and stole the keys to a truck. The homeowner ran downstairs and saw the back door opened. He investigated but saw nobody.

At that point, the homeowner went to the front window and saw the suspects at the door to his truck. He immediately went for the man on the driver's side, and a fight ensued. Punches were thrown as the two men fought in the vehicle and eventually on the ground.

"My reaction was to go stop them from stealing my truck," he said. “Basically, he was telling the other guy to shoot me, shoot me, shoot him. Shoot him. I wasn’t aware of a gun at the time. I just know someone broke into my house, and they were about to take my truck, so the reaction I had was just to stop them.”

The suspects were able to escape the homeowner but were arrested by police about 45 minutes later.

The two are facing charges of attempted capital murder and burglary.

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