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Hippo Herd Violently Attacks Crocodile In Jaw-Dropping Video

An African Safari

Photo: Getty Images Europe

A crocodile wandered into the wrong neighborhood and was brutally attacked by a massive herd of hippopotamuses.

In the video, the angry mob of hippos abuse and mangle a crocodile who got a little too close to their pack. The hippos swarm the reptile, biting and thrashing it around as the croc tries to escape.

"This behavior is very common from the big bully, and should be considered the norm for this species, rather than an odd moment out," says the post on Instagram.

Hippos can weigh up to 10,000-pounds and grow up to 10 to 15-feet long, making them a true giant of nature.

"If you ever find yourself in range of a hippo, back away slowly and do not run or try to threaten the Hippo," the post continued.

Hippopotamuses kill about 500 people each year.

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