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Lady Kicks Sea Lion Off Boat After Being Surrounded By Orcas, Sparks Debate

Sea Lion

Photo: Moment RF

A viral video showing a ship captain trying to kick a sea lion off her boat while hungry killer whales surround it has sparked a furious debate online.

In the video, the desperate animal boards the captain's boat, trying to avoid being eaten by the small school of orcas. Ultimately, the female captain begins to panic.

“What the f--k, no, no, no, no,” the woman says. “Did you see what just came up on my boat?”

The captain tells the animal, “You gotta go!” However, she also seems to understand the deadly consequences of certain death for the sea lion.

Some viewers believe she could have done more to save the sea lion, with many wondering why she simply didn't speed away to safety.

Orcas are apex predators and work together, sometimes even tipping boats to get their desired meals.

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