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Disney Fan Harasses Gaston, He Immediately Forces Her To Leave

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Photo: Getty Images North America

A Tiktok user is urging Disney fans not to harass the character employees after sharing a video of Gaston breaking character when a female guest touched his chest.

TikTok user Evan Snead, who frequently shares behind-the-scenes videos about the Disney theme parks, uploaded the 2015 video as a reminder to treat the Disney cast members with respect.

In the video, a woman can be seen standing next to the famous Beauty and the Beast character, most likely for a photo, before placing both her hands on his chest.

The Disney cast member quickly stepped away before telling her, "You're done. Now!"

At first, the female guest didn't understand the situation as she continued to stand next to him and laugh.

“Leave. Leave. You’re done,” the employee is heard telling the guest as he guided her away. “There’s children!”

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