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Tesla Cameras Record Elderly Woman Keying Car After Losing Parking Spot

Scratching car with keys

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A Tesla dashcam recorded an older woman keying the side of the vehicle several times after getting into an argument over the parking spot.

In the video, the Tesla's owner, Amanda Aubin, can be seen driving around the parking lot, searching for a spot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

After eventually finding one, she turns on her signal and parks her vehicle. However, an elderly woman driving a red Lexus SUV pulls up behind her thinking the spot belongs to her.

"You know, we both signaled, and I got there first, it looks like. And I just pulled in, and she parked in another spot," Aubin said. "So, I was like, okay no issue."

According to the dashcam footage, the older woman wearing a pink shirt keyed the Tesla door three times on September 22.

About 45 minutes later, Aubin returned to her car to find "pretty deep cuts" and $7,650 in damages.

"It’s petty and childish. I mean, this is coming from a grown woman. I’m a grown woman. This is ridiculous. I mean, she could’ve just left me a note if she was that angry at me," Aubin said.

Aubin has since filed a report with the police.

The revenge incident was recorded thanks to Tesla's 'Sentry Mode,’ which is a feature that monitors suspicious activity around the car as it's parked. The vehicle can detect suspicious motion using front, rear, right, and left door cameras and alerts the owner via the Tesla app.

Once a threat is detected, the Tesla's cameras begin recording.

The identity of the elderly woman who keyed the car has not been revealed.

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