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WATCH: Drone Records Itself Being Eaten By Saltwater Crocodile In Australia

Salt water crocodile teeth and head

Photo: iStockphoto

A crocodile attacked a drone as it passed just above the water, and the footage is giving viewers the willies on social media.

The incident happened in Darwin, Australia, while Cameraman Dane Hirst was filming a documentary on saltwater crocodiles.

The crocodile lunged and bit down so quickly that it barely showed up on the camera.

In the video, the reptile is completely still in the lagoon as the drone passes overhead. Then, suddenly, teeth and the pale inside of a mouth can be seen before the device crashes into the water.

“There was one crocodile, in particular, that was holding its ground and really eyeballing that drone, and I thought: ‘Great, I’ll use this fellow.’ He’s in a stationary spot. I can get some decent shots,” said Hirst.

“I lined the drone up and moved over the top of him. And as I was doing that, I looked up towards the lagoon and saw a crocodile vertical out of the water, and heard the great clamping noise of a crocodile’s jaws coming together.”

Luckily, the drone was found on the lagoon banks about two weeks later with a series of teeth marks visible on it.

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