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Bigfoot Prints Found In Washington State

While driving in Washington state, a motorist spotted a set of sizeable footprints that a Sasquatch may have left behind.

According to reports, the discovery occurred this past Saturday as Jennifer Powell O'Neal was driving near Mount St. Helens.

After noticing the giant footprints going up a hill, she couldn't help but pull over and investigate the scene.

O'Neal shared the photos on the Facebook group Washington Bigfoot and explained that at least three massive footprints were leading up the hill.

"There were 3 total to the top and I couldn't safely get up the rest of the way to check at the top of the hill," she said in the post.

To measure the footprints, she cleverly used a piece of dental floss to establish the length. Once she arrived home, she was able to determine the print was about 12.5 inches long.

Skeptics believe it could've been the work of pranksters, but O'Neal disagrees, saying "it would have been impossible to have made them with no actual footprints leading up" to the scene.

Washington state is considered Sasquatch country, so her discovery is undoubtedly within the realm of possibility.

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