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Amazon Worker Gets Caught Sneaking A Woman Out Of The Back Of His Van

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Photo: Getty Images Europe

A video showing a woman exiting the back of an Amazon delivery vehicle has many wondering what exactly happened before the camera started filming.

In the video, the back door of the vehicle swings open, and the driver appears to check if the coast is clear.

Seconds later, a woman, wearing a black dress, steps out of the truck and walks away.

Some users jokingly suggested she was receiving a package, hinting the two were engaging in adult activities in the back of the van.

“This why my packages always late,” one commenter joked.

Others were concerned that the driver could lose his job over the video.

“Uploader gets a few likes,” one commenter wrote. “The public blows this out of proportion. The poor fellow gets shamed and cannot support his family anymore. Social media!”

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