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Tourist Attempts To Pet Lion During Safari, Immediately Regrets It

Angry male lion growling

Photo: iStockphoto

A video filmed from the Serengeti National Park is an excellent example of what tourists shouldn't do while on a safari tour.

In the video, a young tourist reaches her hand out of the safari vehicle to pet a large male lion standing right outside the window.

As the male tourist attempts to snap a few pictures, the big cat lets out a roar and lunges at the window, sending the man scrambling in shock and panic.

A voice can be heard inside the vehicle saying, "Close the window."

After a short struggle, the man closes the window. The lion continues to stare at them from a distance, jaws partially open.

"A tourist in Serengeti decided to touch a male lion and almost got her face ripped off. This is a very dumb thing to do and you can easily get yourself killed or banned from a national park by doing this," captioned the YouTube post.

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