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Dog Chases Down Mountain Lion To Protect Its Family

Closeup of puma staring and baring its teeth

Photo: iStockphoto

A dog named Rocky is being hailed a hero after chasing off a mountain lion that was roaming around their home.

According to reports, the homeowner, Mary Padres, was in her yard when she noticed a pair of mountain lion eyes staring back at her.

“He was literally right here looking at me, and I got freaked out and started screaming,” Padres said. “It was humongous. It was huge. It was very, very scary.”

The home security video shows the moment Padres started screaming. That's when one of the family's two dogs leaped into action, charging at the big cat and chasing it off the property.

After Rocky disappeared into the night chasing after the mountain lion, the family began searching for him.

The family eventually found Rocky bleeding and badly injured from the encounter. According to Padres, “you can see all the way down, and it looked like you can see his brain or his skull.”

Luckily, Rocky survived but needed around 30 stitches and had injuries all over his body.

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