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'Tank Taxi' Offers Fun, Unique Rides For Weddings And Funerals

Tank Taxi

Photo: Getty Images / Canva Images

A British car service owner offers his customers a unique yet bumpy ride to their next wedding or funeral with his "tank taxi."

For about $1,000 a trip, Merlin Batchelor will chauffeur you and your guests in an actual armored personnel carrier.

Batchelor says it may not be the smoothest ride, but it offers "pure entertainment. As you drive along the street, there's so many people smiling, laughing, pointing."

Batchelor purchased the armored vehicle online "as you do with everything these days" and spent about $35,000 to restore it.

It wasn't long before the requests for rides started rolling in.

"First, I had neighbors, then friends asking, then friends of friends, and then people I didn't even know asking me can I take them to, mainly asking about proms," says Batchelor.

Batchelor is currently licensed to drive passengers to weddings and funerals but hopes to get another permit to do more events like proms and birthday parties.

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