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Real 'Floating Broom' Filmed In The Sky By Amazon Delivery Driver

Floating Broom

Photo: Getty Images / Canva Images

A video of a broom floating in the sky filmed by an Amazon delivery driver has gone viral and has left many viewers scratching their heads about the strange scene.

The odd video was shared on TikTok by user 'theonenamedlucca' last Wednesday.

In the video, a baffled delivery driver was "out making deliveries" when he spotted a floating broom off in the distance.

The driver filmed the floating broom for about 20 seconds before driving off, explaining, "we eventually drove off, and it stayed there floating."

Some viewers believe the scene was some supernatural occurrence, while others think it was a clever hoax.

That being said, how the broom wound up floating in the sky has, so far, completely stumped social media.

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