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Florida Woman Insulted By Comedian's Jokes, Gets On Stage To Tell Him

Florida Woman Insulted By Comedian's Jokes

Photo: Canva Images

In Jacksonville, Florida, a woman interrupted a comedy show to tell the comedian that his sex jokes offended her.

According to reports, the incident happened at The Comedy Zone while comedian Affion Crockett was on stage.

"Ma'am, it's a goddamn comedy show. What's the problem, what's the problem?" said Crocket while another woman on stage attempted to calm the other one down.

"You've offended a lot of people here tonight," she said, which earned some booing from the audience.

After some back and forth between Crockett and the woman, security arrived and escorted her back into the audience while the crowd laughed and called her Karen.

Why this sensitive soul even ventures out to comedy shows in the first place remains a mystery.

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