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TikTok "Time Traveler" Claims Human Lives Will Change Forever On Christmas

Time traveler holds a clock and stands in front of a portal ready get teleported to another dimension

Photo: iStockphoto

A TikTok user claiming to be a "time traveler" is warning others to be prepared for a life-changing event on Christmas Day.

The account, @thatonetimetraveler, has gained over 1.3 million followers with their prediction videos as to what will happen in the future.

According to the video, Christmas won't be the only event on the calendar when the 25th comes around as the "time traveler" says that "something big will happen that shocks the entire world."

"The big day is remembered for centuries, and changes how humans live," the video caption read.

"This will 100% prove that I am a real time traveler, don't forget the date."

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The video has received thousands of comments from people that don't believe the prediction.

“Duh, Santa’s coming to town," one user wrote. Another person joked, "time travelers come back to this age to use TikTok."

This particular prediction it's just one of many the TikTok account has made. It also claimed on December 20th, eight humans will receive "super powers from the energy waves of the sun."

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