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Reality TV Star Made $70,000 In A Week Selling Her Farts To Strangers

Fart Jar 2

Photo: Getty Images / Canva Images

A reality TV star has been raking in the cash with a rather bizarre side hustle.

Since Stephanie Matto appeared on the show 90 Day Fiancé, she's built an impressive social media following.

With a large audience at her fingertips, she decided to get into the professional farting game and sells her flatulence inside glass mason jars.

After bottling up the gas, she seals the top shut and mails the package out for $1,400 each.

To prepare her body, she admits to eating some beans, a protein muffin, hard-boiled eggs, a protein shake, and some yogurt for breakfast. Combining those ingredients in her stomach helps produce loads of gas and a pungent smell.

Recently, she has started adding a nice little garnish to her product.

"I like to add a little flower petal. I feel like they attach the scent and make it last longer. And when I'm finally finished with my jar, I like to leave a personalized note," Matto said.

In one of her videos posted to TikTok, she revealed that she made nearly $70,000 in a single week.

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