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Man Charged With Manslaughter After Refusing To Let Wife Drive Drunk

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An Alabama man was arrested and charged with manslaughter after a motorist fatally hit his wife while she was walking home drunk.

According to reports, 42-year-old Jason Todd and his band were at Friends Steakhouse in Clanton, Alabama, where Todd's band was playing their final set back in Summer 2018.

Todd's wife, Tanya Anderson, had gotten drunk and demanded to drive herself home. Todd refused to let her get behind the wheel of her car while under the influence and told her he’d drive her home himself after he paid his tab.

Anderson reportedly refused and threatened to leave the restaurant, at which point Todd told her to “walk home,” thinking that she wouldn’t.

Sadly, Anderson was fatally struck by an oncoming vehicle while attempting to walk home.

“I loved my wife,” Todd told police. “Still do, and always will.”

Authorities quickly accused Todd of causing Anderson’s death by allowing her to walk home while intoxicated.

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