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Florida Woman Attacked By Bear In Her Own Driveway While Walking Dog

Florida woman attacked by bear

Photo: Volusia County Sheriff's Office

A Florida woman suffered injuries to her face after being attacked by a bear while taking her dog out for a walk.

According to reports, the incident happened around 9 pm on January 13 in DeBary, Florida.

Upon arriving on the scene, Volusia County Sheriff’s Officers spotted a large female bear in a tree with her three young cubs. Biologists from FWC also arrived on the scene and tranquilized the mother bear.

Since the bear attacked a human in the middle of a neighborhood, FWC regulations called for the bear to be humanely euthanized. However, no attempt was made to capture the three cubs since they were considered old enough to survive independently.

According to the victim, she came across the bear and was scratched in the face. She quickly turned to run away and started yelling for help.

"I was screaming and going to my neighbors to see if he can call 911 or help me or take out a gun," Aydee said.

Luckily, her injuries were considered to be not life-threatening.

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