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Israeli Model Claims She Was Turned Into A Sex Doll Without Permission

Blow Up Doll

Photo: Getty Images

Israeli model Yael Cohen Aris claims a company in China stole her likeness without permission and manufactured a sex doll that looks just like her.

According to reports, the doll features the same dark hair, eyeglasses, facial features, and name as the Israeli influencer.

In a recent interview, Cohen Aris said she doesn't have a problem with the sex doll industry in general but does have a problem with people making money on her image without consent.

“It’s not just about a beauty mark and my name, because sex dolls are still just dolls and there is a limit to how much they can look like a human being,” Cohen Aris said. “But once it was connected to my identity and image and videos, social media, there is no mistake here.”

In July 2019, Cohen Aris first posted about the doll on Instagram.

“I found out that a big company made a SEX DOLL about me WITHOUT my permission or me knowing. No it's not a joke, It's real,” captioned the post featuring images of the doll.

“They even named the doll ‘Yael.’ I am still shocked. don't really know what to do... You probably saw on my stories that it came out on TV shows in my country, And It's time to share it with you guys too.” 

On Wednesday, she posted again on Instagram saying, "Help me do justice."

"I want to bring this bizarre story to an end and solve this as soon as possible."

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