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Security System Captures Ghost Mist Outside Home During Witching Hour

Black cctv outside building, home security system

Photo: iStockphoto

A home security system outside a residence in California captured an eerie dark cloud passing across the driveway in the middle of the night, and some believe it could have been a ghost.

According to reports, the incident happened over the summer but recently surfaced this past week after the homeowner's brother posted it online.

The post explained that before the incident, "the dogs were barking all night long and my sister kept looking outside to see what was up but saw nothing."

Around 3 AM, the security system picked up some strange activity outside when a ghostly mist was filmed crossing the driveway. Seconds later, the cloud dissipates and eventually vanishes from view.

The homeowner's brother claims the incident occurred on a clear night and isn't fog rolling through the area.

Many viewers believe the security system captured a ghost lingering outside the home. Other more skeptical viewers aren't convinced, thinking it was probably a camera-generated video artifact.

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