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Hidden UFO Found On Google Earth In South Africa

A satellite image captured by Google Earth shows a downed UFO in a remote part of South Africa.

Scott Waring, a self-proclaimed UFO expert, made the puzzling discovery after searching through the popular mapping service for strange and unusual objects that could be hiding in plain sight.

While surveying a desert area in South Africa, he came across an oval-shaped object surrounded by a small group of trees.

According to Waring, the object first appeared around May 2015, and at the time, there was a large circle embossed in the dirt around the oddity.

A few months later, new pictures show a road extending to the flying saucer with a pair of white trucks nearby.

"The object looks like a classic disk with a pointed hump at its center," Waring said, "it looks like this is a landing location of an alien craft that attempted to hide its existence from the world."

Waring believes that the pilot of the downed craft "has created a dirt road to the area and is probably in a city nearby manipulating the direction the human race will go by introducing new technology, cures, ideas and such."

While some believe the metallic disk is of alien origin, other more skeptical viewers would suggest the 'craft' is simply a unique-looking building.

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