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Man And Grandson Reel In 2 Sniper Rifles While Magnet Fishing In Florida

Man and young boy outdoors at park fishing in a lake

Photo: OJO Images RF

A Florida man took his 11-year-old grandson fishing in a canal near Miami, but what they ended up catching is not exactly something they could throw on the grill.

Duane Smith says he and his grandson decided to give magnet fishing a try after watching some videos on YouTube. They dropped a 5-pound magnet in the C-102 canal in southern Miami-Dade County to see what they could find.

The fish weren't really biting that day, but the discarded guns were.

“We ended up with two pounds of scrap metal and 40 pounds of gun,” Smith told the Miami Herald.

According to reports, they reeled in two .50-caliber Barrett sniper rifles, but neither were loaded, and no ammunition was found.

The guns, which had their serial numbers filed off, were given to the police and will undergo a forensic examination to determine whether they were used in a crime.

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