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Man's Chronic Headaches Due To Bullet Lodged In Skull For 20 Years

A man in China went to the hospital to seek treatment for his chronic headaches and was shocked when the doctors discovered a bullet that had been lodged in his skull for twenty years.

According to reports, the patient, identified by the fictitious name 'Xiao Chen,' grew concerned last week after his headaches suddenly became more frequent and increasingly painful.

At first, Chen thought he needed more sleep, but the problem worsened. That's when he sought help at the Shenzhen University General Hospital.

As the doctors were performing an MRI, they were stunned to find a bullet that somehow got stuck in his skull.

According to the doctors, the bullet was a mere two centimeters from the man's temple and could have easily killed him had it not been stopped by the bone.

When the doctors asked Chen how this could have been possible, he offered a rather bizarre explanation.

Chen said he and his brother were playing with an air gun 20 years ago when it accidentally fired, and a bullet struck his head. Since the mishap didn't appear to injure him, they decided to keep the accident a secret from their parents.

Chen unknowingly grew up with a projectile in his skull until doctors finally removed it last week. Hopefully, putting an end to his chronic headaches.

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