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Family Stumbles Upon Possible Bigfoot Creature Near Lake In Kansas

A dark scary concept. Of a mysterious bigfoot figure, walking through a forest. Silhouetted against trees in a forest. With a grunge, textured edit.

Photo: Moment RF

While out stargazing, a family in Kansas stumbled upon a bizarre creature near a lake that appears to be Bigfoot.

According to reports, the odd video was filmed in a popular state park known as Cheney Lake back in January.

The unnamed driver claims he and his kids "went for a drive around the lake just now and caught something strange on video."

In the video, the dad explains that he is "driving the girls out to check out some stars" and "get away from the lights."

After finding a clear area to view the sky, the vehicle headlights illuminate a puzzling shape in the distance that bears a striking resemblance to Sasquatch.

"Wait, what the heck is that right there," one of the man's daughters cries out after spotting the mysterious creature. The shape appears to be crouching down before running away as if it knew it had been spotted.

While some viewers believe the footage captured the legendary Bigfoot, other skeptical observers suggest it was a well-crafted hoax.

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