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UFO Hunter Claims He's Found '100 Percent Proof' Of Life On Mars

Rover on Mars

Photo: Science Photo Library RF

A UFO Hunter claims he found '100 percent proof' that there is life on Mars.

Scott Waring, who runs the YouTube page UFO Sightings Daily, says he was watching the Mars rover when he spotted an alien figure that appeared to be lying down on a rock.

Waring was scanning over a picture of Mar's surface and zoomed in on a 'foot tall' figure.

"There is an object right over here, and I swear to God it looks like a human being, laying down on a beach," Waring said.

"Can you see this person laying down on one shoulder, their arm over here, their neck exposed, you can see the pinkness, they have reddish hair there?" he continued.

While Waring believes this is 100 percent proof of life on Mars, others aren't as convinced. You be the judge.

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