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Creepy Footage Shows Ghost Knocking Over Pint Of Beer In Haunted Pub

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A ghost is believed to have knocked over a pint of beer off a table in a 300-year-old haunted pub.

After the beer crashed to the floor, pub manager Natasha Magnan approached the group of drinkers to see what happened.

One said the full glass of Coors suddenly fell off the table, and it left him with goosebumps.

One staff member suggested Magnan check the CCTV footage, and she was shocked at what she saw.

In the video, the glass sits on the edge of the table while nearby customers sit and talk. Suddenly, the glass topples off the table, despite no one touching it.

Many believe the 300-year-old White Swan Inn in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, has been targeted by ghouls before.

Magnan believes a former regular may have come back to haunt them and was behind the moving beer.

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