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Bull Rider's Father Jumps Into Arena To Save Son From Bull During Rodeo

Bull Rider Going For That Golden 8 Second Ride

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A viral video shows a bull rider's father jumping into the arena to save his son shortly after he was thrown off the bull and knocked unconscious during a rodeo show.

The bull rider, Cody Hooks, was taking part in a bull-riding event at the Bell County Expo Center in Belton on Saturday, February 19. 

The video was posted on Twitter by user Ken Carter, who captioned the post: "Dad of the year ! #rodeo. This great Cowboy Landis hooks jumped in the arena for save his son from the bull. That’s a hell of a dad."

Seconds after the gate opened, Hooks was thrown off the bull, crashing down to the ground and losing consciousness.

The bull rider's father jumps into action and covers up his son as the bull charges towards them.

The father takes a violent hit from the bull's horns and loses his cowboy hat, but saves his son from further injury.

A member of Cody Hook’s family took to Facebook to provide an update. Heather Hooks said, "He’s getting plenty of rest but up and moving."

Heather added, "Landis Hooks hung the moon in his children’s eyes and only did what he’s always done when it comes to protecting his children and even buddies at times in this great sport we love so much! He is our Hero!"

Heather also said her family "appreciated all the prayers" before offering special thanks "to the bullfighters who also put their lives on the line! These guys tip their hats to everyone who played a part Saturday night."

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