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'Mermaid Mummy' To Be Analyzed By Japanese Scientists

Photo: Getty Images

A centuries-old "mermaid mummy" will be scientifically analyzed by researchers in Japan to unravel the mystery of the creature.

According to reports, the oddity was captured by fishermen sometime around 1738 and passed through various owners before winding up at a Buddhist temple last century.

For years, the creature, which resembles the half-human, half-fish construction of a mermaid, was on display at the temple until it was put into storage to protect the specimen.

Hiroshi Kinoshita of the Okayama Folklore Society rediscovered the mummified mermaid while studying the works of Kiyoaki Sato, a famed Japanese natural historian who wrote about mysterious creatures.

Kinoshita tracked down the oddity, brought it to scientists at Kurashiki University, and suggested examining it.

The group of scientists plans on conducting an array of tests, including morphological analysis, DNA testing, and CT scanning.

The researchers say they'll unveil their findings later this year.

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