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Anomaly Hunter Spots 'Human Leg' Sticking Out Of Mars Surface

While searching through NASA images for oddities, an anomaly hunter spotted a weird object sticking out of the surface of Mars that resembles a human leg.

The discovery was made by UFO researcher Scott Waring while examining a photo from the Red Planet, which was captured by the space agency's Curiosity Rover last month.

An odd dark form is visible among an otherwise barren Martian landscape emerging from the ground in the photo.

According to Waring, the weird object is similar in shape to "a human-like leg," and this is "not typically what you would expect in a Mars photo."

Waring argues that "NASA has been keeping mum about all these alien artifacts on Mars, so they must be real."

The seasoned anomaly hunter believes the leg is most likely part of a statue since any other material wouldn't be able to survive the harsh environment of Mars for an extended period of time.

If Waring's statue theory is true and created to scale, he believes the depicted Martian was approximately four feet tall.

Skeptical viewers argue the puzzling object is simply a rock that looks like a leg.

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