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Creepy 'Haunted' Doll Caught On Security Camera Moving On Its Own

Macro Shot Of Doll Eye

Photo: EyeEm

A couple in England have revealed security camera footage of a 'haunted' doll seemingly moving on its own in the dead of night, and some believe a ghost child could have been playing with the toy.

According to reports, the eerie scene took place last week in the home of paranormal enthusiasts Lee and Linzi Steer from Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The couple collects spooky dolls and has turned their home into a museum of haunted objects.

The couple claims the doll in question was sent to them by an anonymous donor who provided no background details, leaving them uncertain of its history.

After noticing something seemed off with the new doll the morning after placing it with their collection, the Steers checked the security system and were shocked by what they saw.

In the video below, the toy leans forward in a series of odd motions as if an unseen force was moving it.

"It's like the joints are physically moving like a human," Linzi said. "If it was a natural fall, it'd have gone on the floor, but it didn't. The way she was positioned defies gravity."

Interestingly enough, despite being the home for many objects suspected of being haunted, Linzi also revealed that "this footage is the first time we've caught something moving on camera at the museum" and admitted that "it baffles me."

Some viewers believe the toy caught the attention of a ghost child who decided to play with it. However, skeptical viewers argue the video is either fake, or the doll's movements were natural but appeared paranormal.

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