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Bizarre Viral Video Allegedly Shows Mermaid Washed Ashore On Beach

Beautiful pink mermaids tail on the beach. Mettam's Pool, North Beach - Western Australian beach.

Photo: Moment RF

A video has gone viral online that shows a still-living mermaid that washed ashore on a beach.

The video was posted last week and quickly gained the attention of many. However, the origin of the video is currently unknown, with claims that it was filmed in either South Africa or Kenya, depending on who was sharing the footage.

In the video, a creature that is part human and part fish is visible lying on a beach while shocked beach-goers gather around the oddity. The creature's arms and fins continue to move as if it is still alive and in distress.

Authorities in Kenya and South Africa dismissed the footage as fake and ensured residents that a mythical creature did not wash ashore.

While some viewers believe the footage to be genuine, others believe it was a well-crafted hoax using either a movie prop or computer-generated special effects.

The video ends with no resolution to the scene nor any attempt to save the aquatic creature by placing it back into the water.

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