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Urban Explorer Encounters A Pair Of Glowing Eyes Lurking In Tunnel System

Little creek flowing under old abandoned tunnel with safety starcaise

Photo: Moment RF

The glowing eyes of two mysterious creatures were captured on video by an urban explorer, and the footage is gaining a lot of attention online.

The nightmarish video was posted on YouTube last week by user Urbex Hill, who documents his visits to abandoned locations throughout Ohio.

While venturing through an undisclosed tunnel system, "hidden deep within the forest," he experienced a haunting encounter after traveling "more than 10 miles" within the underground world.

In the video, the explorer pans his camera down a long tunnel that has water flowing through it. Suddenly, a pair of glowing eyes peek around the corner.

The eerie eyes disappear from view before returning for a second look. Moments later, two sets of glowing eyes appear from behind the wall. One lingers in the middle of the tunnel before quickly retreating.

The brave explorer attempted to follow the mysterious creatures but found nothing after turning the corner.

Later in the video, a loud scream startles the explorer, and he quickly turns around. He walks in the direction of the sound but again finds nothing.

Some believe the explorer stumbled upon some kind of entity or cryptid that lives underground to avoid humans, while skeptical viewers suggest the eyes were a computer-generated effect.

Others argue the young man encountered other people in the tunnel. What are your thoughts?

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