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'Dead' Woman Bangs On Coffin During Her Own Funeral

Open Coffin And Hand

Photo: iStockphoto

Family and friends at a funeral in Peru were shocked when the woman being laid to rest suddenly began banging on the inside of her casket.

According to reports, the woman, Rosa Isabel Céspedes Callaca, was involved in a terrible car crash late last month that took her brother-in-law's life and left her three children badly injured.

Doctors believed Callaca was also killed in the accident, and the family scheduled the funeral for the following day.

As those in attendance were paying their respects, they were stunned when they started hearing a banging sound coming from the casket.

The family demanded the funeral director open the coffin, which is when they discovered that the 'dead' woman had opened her eyes. She was alive but in a fragile state.

Callaca was rushed to a hospital, placed on life support, and sadly passed away a short time later.

The family is now demanding answers from the hospital.

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