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Mars Rover Captures Long, Strange UFO Hovering In The Distance


Another image captured by a Mars rover is gaining attention online after it appears to show a UFO hovering in the distance.

In 2003, NASA sent a rover named Spirit to Mars for a 90-day mission. Shockingly, the rover remained active for six years, continuing its mission and taking photos.

After combing through hundreds of photos, an anomaly hunter spotted the long, strange UFO hovering above the ground.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, who received the image in an email, this is "100% proof that UFOs are watching the Mars rover."

Some viewers are impressed, calling it "mind-blowing," while others aren't convinced. The skeptics believe it's simply particles on the lens of the camera.

NASA has yet to comment on what the object could be.

Click HERE for the whole picture and others that Spirit took.

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