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UFO Caught Hovering Above Home For An Hour On Security Footage

Unidentified flying object, illustration

Photo: Science Photo Library RF

A security camera captured a triangular-shaped UFO that appeared to be hovering over a house for more than an hour.

The mysterious, dark-colored flying object is said to be similar to those reported by spotters across the world in the 1940s.

In the video, a dark triangular-shaped object, equipped with lights along the bottom, slowly travels as it hovers in the sky.

According to reports, the hour-long footage was taken in Huddersfield, England, and a shorter clip was shared on YouTube.

It's currently unknown when the clip was filmed.

Mick Proctor, who runs the Skywatch Explorer's YouTube channel, was given the video anonymously, adding: "He said it was on his CCTV camera for an hour but could only send a 10 min version as the file was too big".

"He didn't want to give the exact location where he lives," Proctor continued.

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