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'The Conjuring' House In Rhode Island Sells For $1.5 Million

A home in Rhode Island that inspired the film The Conjuring has reportedly been sold for $1.525 million.

The 18th-century farmhouse is located in Burrillville and became famous following an alleged haunting case in the 1970s.

The chilling story of the Perron family and the sinister presence in their home spawned the 2013 blockbuster film The Conjuring and put the property on the pop culture map.

After the film's success, tourists began flocking to the residents, hoping to witness paranormal activity, which caused issues for the previous owners. A lawsuit was even filed against Warner Brothers over the unwanted attention.

Eventually, the home was sold to paranormal investigators Cory and Jennifer Heinzen in 2019. The couple transformed the site into a tourist attraction for thrill seekers, offering ghost hunts and the opportunity to spend the night in the allegedly haunted house.

In September 2021, they decided to put the notorious farmhouse up for sale with the condition that the next owner would keep the business operating.

After an 8-month search, the couple found a new owner who has agreed to buy the home for $1.525 million, 27% more than its initial listing price.

Click HERE for the listing.

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