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Ghost Caught On CCTV Security Camera In England

A moody double expsoure concept of a hooded figure over layered on a straight road with street lights on a foggy winters night. With a grunge, abstract, edit

Photo: Moment RF

An eerie, mysterious entity was captured on camera in England, and the footage is giving some viewers the heebie-jeebies.

According to reports, the ghostly video was recorded outside a home in Stroud, England, by Shane Matthews. Matthews was reviewing the footage earlier this month when he noticed something weird.

In the video, a shadowy grim reaper-like figure floats past the camera and slowly moves across the road before vanishing into the night.

"I didn't believe in ghosts, but I do now," said Matthews, after capturing the paranormal activity at 5.46 AM.

Matthews also claims he has two cameras on the front of his house. One picked up the movement, and the other one didn't.

Click HERE for the original video.

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