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Dog-Like Creature Photographed Outside Zoo In Texas

A horror concept.. Of a giant werewolf, standing in a misty winter forest at night. With a grunge, textured edit.

Photo: Moment RF

An image allegedly showing a strange 'dog-like' creature lurking outside a zoo in Texas is gaining much attention online.

According to reports, the controversial photograph was shared on Reddit last month by a user who claims the picture popped up on a "private zookeeper Facebook group."

The user claims the photo was taken by a trail camera that was pointed toward the fence that runs along the zoo's perimeter.

The photo, taken in the early morning of May 21, appears to show a creature sporting a dog's head. Although it is difficult to determine its actual size, the beast is said to be standing next to an 8-foot fence.

Some viewers believe the bizarre oddity could be the mysterious dog man, typically seen in parts of Michigan and Wisconsin.

However, skeptical observers believe the photo is a hoax, and it's simply someone in a costume walking around the zoo at night.

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