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Odd Cluster Of Orbs Filmed Over Daytona Beach

Undefined flying objects in the sky. UFO.

Photo: iStockphoto

A Florida couple was left bewildered after witnessing a cluster of orbs hovering in the night sky.

The strange sighting occurred this past Saturday evening in Daytona Beach as an unidentified man and his wife were standing out on their balcony and noticed something unusual off in the distance.

"We observed lights hovering in the sky, in a V shape formation," he recalled. He also noted the anomalies "were glowing and would turn off and on, reappearing elsewhere in the sky."

The confused couple managed to capture footage of the puzzling light show.

The video shows two balls of light in the sky when a third orb briefly joins them to form a triangular shape before the initial pair of illuminated spheres disappear. At one point, a fourth light appears alongside the group. Eventually, the lights seem to drift apart, and the footage ends.

While the man is filming, his wife suggests the UFOs could be related to "something for Memorial Day weekend."

When reporting the sighting, the man included the following statement, "I am a retired 30-year police officer and have served in two branches of the military. I know what I saw and have never seen anything like this before."

Currently, the odd orbs remain a mystery.

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