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VIDEO: Boy Vanishes During Carnival Ride

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While on a family trip, a Malaysian mother was left mystified after she filmed her son on a carnival ride and noticed the other boy sitting beside him somehow vanished in the middle of the ride.

According to reports, the strange video was filmed by Nur Afrina Rosni earlier this month at a fairground in the city of Johor.

During the outing, her son Muiz wanted to ride an attraction featuring flying cars spinning in a circle. The adults were deemed too big for the ride, so the boy was partnered with another child. However, things took an eerie turn shortly after the ride got started.

In the video, two children are visible riding in the yellow cart as it quickly zips past the camera. However, only her son is visible when the fake automobile returns for the second time.

"When the ride finished," the confused mother remembered, "my son came down, but the boy next to him did not appear anywhere."

When Rosni asked her son about his companion on the ride, the boy did not remember anyone sitting next to him and was equally confused after watching the video.

Some viewers believe the boy was riding alongside a ghost, while others suggest the 'mystery boy' simply ducked down into the ride as the cart passed in front of Rosni.

Others argue the video is a hoax involving two pieces of footage edited together, but the mother insists her footage is genuine.

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